The Cross

    The cross is essential to life, as food, air, and water.  Without it we could not have life. 

    The cross was once an instrument of  horrific and cruel punishment, and death.  Seldom is it looked on in that sense any longer.  We wear it as beautiful jewelry and decorate the walls of our homes.  It is depicted on greeting cards and graces the interior  and exterior of our churches.  The cross, as inhumane as it was, is a solemn reminder of Jesus’ love for us.  He paid for our sins, where we would not have to.  It’s a free gift, the gift of salvation, if we will reach out and accept it.
    I have crafted crosses in many forms, from  rugged to highly ornate.  When you view one of the crosses, I hope you don’t look at the physical  beauty but the eternal beauty.  Let the cross, regardless of how it is displayed, simply be a constant reminder of Jesus’ love for us.  So wear your cross,  hang it on your wall, look at it, and remember, Jesus loves me!

    My name is Gilbert Turley, and I have been honored to handcraft each product under the name Amazing Grace Woodworks.  This small, home based business has always been dedicated solely to praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the artistry of wood.  Each product was made one at a time with care, love, and prayer. I sincerely thank you for your interest and patronage but unfortuneately, I must suspend this website at this time. If I can reopen it that announcement will be made here.

May God bless each of you,

Amazing Grace Woodworks
Gilbert Turley

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